Tree and Hedge Planting

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Trees and hedges improve our environment in a wide variety of ways. They provide attractive landscaping features, screening, boundaries and generally contribute to your house, garden and the neighbourhood.

Planting new trees and hedges contributes greatly to environmental sustainability and regeneration as well as improving the habitat for your local flora and fauna.

There are many aspects to consider when planning the planting of trees and hedges and in order for them to become well established it is critical that planting is done correctly.

Our highly qualified arborists at Cheltenham Tree Services provide a professional service that covers every aspect to ensure both successful planting and customer satisfaction. Always working to British Tree Planting Standards, we offer a full service that will leave you delighted with the results.

Our Process

Primarily, we want to understand your objectives and purpose for the trees to be planted. If we understand what you want to achieve, we can guide you through which species to select.

It is always necessary to assess your chosen location. Knowing the aspect of the site, underlying soil, available space and anticipated seasonal changes will all have an impact on selection of species.

We have an excellent relationship with well established nurseries allowing us to supply the best quality specimens. These will be correctly planted with the most suitable irrigation and support structures.

planting process
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British Tree Planting Standards

To ensure success we always use British Tree Planting Standards when planting new trees and hedges:

Planning Standards

  • Choosing the site
  • Assessing the site
  • Safety concerns
  • Local ecology
  • Right species
  • Right size and type of stock

Planting Standards

  • When to plant
  • Pre-planting tree care
  • Preparing the ground
  • Protecting newly planted trees

Post-Planting After care

Our fully qualified arborists will provide you with comprehensive advice on how best to care for your trees and hedges post planting.

Appropriate aftercare will ensure they continue to thrive and become well established in their first year and beyond.


Young tree Aftercare

Watering your Trees

planting aftercare