Tree and Hedge Removal

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There are a number of reasons for trees and hedges to be removed; health and safety, damage to property, disease or simply outgrowing the space they are in, to name just a few.

Whatever the reason, removing a tree correctly requires careful planning. Cheltenham Tree Services has the expertise and experience to recommend the correct method of removal, advise whether planning consent needs to be obtained prior to commencement and employ all the correct equipment needed to meet your requirements.

As part of our environmental awareness, our advice is based on what is best for your local circumstances, with a view to mitigating any damage to surrounding areas. We always remove all tree and hedge debris resulting from our work, ensuring that your premises are left as tidy, if not tidier, than when we arrived.

With our well established contacts and waste carrier licence, we ensure that the debris we remove is recycled in the most appropriate way. We pride ourselves that we recycle 90% of the debris and have won awards from Cheltenham Borough Council for our Environmental and Professional Commitment to Recycling.

Expert Advice

Our expert advice starts from the moment you contact us. Our experienced and qualified arborists can advise you on the correct protocols for working with individual and groups of trees located within Conservation Areas and with Tree Preservation Orders.

We have strong, established links with the Local Authorities and Councils in the area and can check and advise whether there are Tree Preservation Orders in place. Once this is known we provide personalised advice, seek permissions on your behalf and schedule the most suitable removal method to be used.

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Tree Removal

Tree removal always requires careful planning to decide how they should be removed.

We always ensure safety is our prime concern and are able to remove trees in in any location due to the expert skills of our highly trained team and variety of mechanical equipment we have available.



A safe and efficient way to take a tree down without the need to climb. This requires a suitable sized space to be able to take the tree down in one section.

Our expert arborists will take into account a variety of factors such as weight distribution as well as wind strength and direction to determine which direction the tree will travel when felled.

Using a variety of specialist equipment, the tree will be felled with the minimum of impact on your daily life and garden.


Sectional Dismantling

An alternative method of tree removal when space prohibits the use of tree felling. This process involves a controlled removal of the tree in sections, to minimise the potential for any damage or harm to individuals or property.

Requiring specialist training and equipment, we can achieve this safely even in the most complex of work sites.

When access allows and when necessary, we will use mechanical aids such as Mobile Elevated Working Platforms and crane forms as a safer and more viable option.

sectional felling