Stump Removal

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Once trees have been removed, the stump remains and can often be an unsightly nuisance. Not only taking decades to rot naturally, it can be a trip hazard, source of infection for the garden and prevent that area being used for other purposes.

By removing stumps, the ground becomes level, accessible and available for landscaping, turfing, planting or even construction work to begin.

Our aim is to minimise any ground disturbance and with a variety of grinding machinery at our disposal we can access, remove or treat stumps in any location.

Stump Grinding Machinery

Prior to using any equipment, we will always conduct
pre-safety checks for underground services.

The machinery mechanically grinds away the stump to below ground level, enabling a new flat surface, flush with the surrounding area and ready for whatever new plans you may have.

We have a variety of equipment sizes:

  • Large machines which will clear away any size of stump with ease.
  • Narrow machines for confined spaces such as a small back garden or where access is limited for example by a narrow gate.
stump grinding machinery
stump treatment

Stump Treatment

In certain instances there may be very poor access that even our equipment is unable to reach. In these cases, we are able to offer a stump treatment using ECOPLUG-MAX.

The Eco-plugs are inserted into pre-drilled holes thus preventing any exposure to the chemicals being released into the stump. This treatment inhibits the stump’s regrowth and enables it to break down gradually over time.

ECOPLUG-MAX substantially reduces environmental impact compared to traditional treatments. They provide a simple and effective way to treat the stump whilst providing no risk of chemical spills or contamination of the surrounding areas. This makes them ideal for sensitive sites that need an environmentally friendly solution. These can include sites with pets, other sensitive wildlife or trees that are adjacent to waterways.

ECOPLUG-MAX supports the requirements of the Sustainable Use Directive and The Water Framework Directive which work to ensure the sustainable use of pesticides and chemicals in the environment.