Crown Management

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The ‘crown’ of the tree refers to the leaves and branches as well as the size and placement of the branching systems growing from the main trunk.

In order to continue enjoying the benefits our trees provide they need to be correctly managed. Ensuring their ongoing health and longevity and preventing problems is all part of the process of Crown Management.

Our experienced arborists will assess your trees and provide the practical advice and solutions required to solve current or potential problems. These include:

Crown Reduction

Usually used for trees that are to be retained but have grown too large for their location or, have some biomechanical structural faults. This process reduces the ‘sail’ area of the tree to lessen the impact of weight and wind loading stress on the branches.

Precise pruning will protect and maintain the natural shape of the tree and allow more light to reach the surrounding area.

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Crown Lifting

A positive intervention to achieve height clearance from ground level and safety from obstructing lower branches as well as improve general aesthetics and tree health.

The process involves removing lower branches to an agreed height. Removing these branches will provide better access, allow more light into the area and create a more open space with better visibility.

Deadwood Removal
& Crown Cleaning

As part of the natural growth and ageing process, branches in trees will die back. There are many reasons for this, and it can be the result of environmental stresses, pests or disease.

Whatever the reason, deadwood can pose an unacceptable risk to people and property and should be properly addressed with action that is appropriate to the location of the tree by removing and cutting away the dead branches.

Removing deadwood gives a variety of benefits including:

  • Improving safety by mitigating the risk of falling branches
  • Promoting overall tree health
  • Creating a more visually appealing tree canopy
  • Managing and regularly removing deadwood will help to prolong the life of the tree and its long term sustainability
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Often used in urban areas to reduce the crown size and regenerate a new, smaller canopy it prevents older trees outgrowing their location by restricting their growth
to a certain height.

The main branching system is heavily pruned to short stubs. Whilst initially quite drastic to look at, this instigates and promotes the mass production of stems and shoots from dormant buds.

Only suitable for certain species of tree, this traditional method encourages the vigorous growth of multi-stem branching systems and should be repeated on a regular basis.

Cable Bracing

Provides additional structural support to increase the stability of the biomechanical parts of the tree that are at risk of failure from weakened branches.

A series of cables and ropes are installed in the upper canopy of the tree to limit the movement of those supported branches.

At risk trees should always be thoroughly inspected and evaluated so the correct bracing system can be installed, thereby reducing the probability of failure of one or
more parts of the tree.

Please read our “Guide to Cobra Bracing“.

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